Kindergarten Classes

K1 Penguins – K2 Honeybees – K3 Kangaroos

Each bilingual Kerria kindergarten class is developmentally appropriate and designed to meet the needs of children between the ages of 3-6 years of age. Every activity your child will encounter through our bilingual and thematic curriculum develops the skills they will need for academic success in elementary school and beyond. Our kindergarten classes prepare your child to continue their elementary education with us or seamlessly transition to another school system.

Children begin learning to read English at this age with Jolly Phonics – an outstanding and engaging reading program that develops phonetic awareness through the use of fun physical movements and meaningful mnemonic devices that increase recognition and recall. Students quickly begin reading words and developing a bank of sight words that give them early successes that keep them motivated and excited about learning to read.

In addition to our complete English program, every classroom has a native Japanese speaking teacher who assists the lead teacher as well as conducting daily lessons in Japanese. Children learn vocabulary and how to read and write in Japanese alongside development of these skills in English.

A day in a Kerria kindergarten classroom includes all of the following events and activities:

Circle Time

Our morning lesson transitions children from the home to school environment and gets them ready for their school day. Each day we look at the calendar, practice reading numbers, observing the weather, and completing routine activities such as attendance.

Reading and Writing

In addition to learning to read with the Jolly Phonics program, Kerria kindergarten students develop important writing skills in both English and Japanese through a variety of activities such as workbooks and fine motor activities.

Math and Science

Young children are naturally curious and need little encouragement to explore the world around them. Our teachers are passionate about science and are always thinking up new and engaging activities that spark lifelong curiousity.

Snack and Lunch Time

This is an important learning time where children have the opportunity to practice proper hygiene, table manners, discuss nutrition, and practice conversation with classmates and teachers.

Park or Physical Activities

Students either participate in Yoga class or - weather permitting - classes explore and play in one of the several local parks and playgrounds near our school. These physical activities and gross motor games are designed to fit in with our themes, reinforcing classroom learning.

Arts and Crafts

Art activities give children the opportunity to practice and refine the important motor skills they use when writing as well as giving them a creative outlet to produce one of a kind work they can be proud of.