Mission Statement


Our goal at Kerria International School is to develop children into bilingual, life long learners who will make creative contributions to our global society. At Kerria we strive to engage the children in four main play-based activities, these are cognitive, manipulative, sensory, and dramatic play. We believe that with an educator’s guidance a child’s natural curiosity will allow them to use these activities to build a strong educational foundation. Our curriculum promotes the development of the whole person, including the intellectual, emotional, social, and physical aspects of learning. We are looking forward to continuing to serve and educate your children as they grow along with us.

 Co-founder of Kerria International School of Japan, Ms. Kavitha brings her experience as an international school teacher AND parent to both the school staff and curriculum, and always strive a family-friendly atmosphere at the school, as well as a family-atmosphere among the staff at Kerria. Her passion for working with children finds her often assisting in every class, on nearly a daily basis.

Saradhi Paramata (CEO)

Kavitha Paramata (Director)