Curriculum Overview

Our Curriculum 

 Our curriculum combines the best ideas and theories on child development from around the world into a one of a kind program that fosters bilingualism alongside the development of the whole child. In addition to the core academic subjects, we also attend to the physical, social, and personal skills of each individual child through our comprehensive and thematic curriculum. Our curriculum is designed to prepare your child to transition seamlessly into any academic program they may encounter in the future.

We have designed a bilingual curriculum structured around themes, giving students and teachers the opportunity to thoroughly explore a concept. Within each age appropriate theme, the teachers are able to plan lessons that reach every child – no matter their unique learning style. Additionally, our themes have been designed to reinforce and build upon the ideas children have already encountered, seamlessly flowing into the next theme and building a strong base of prior knowledge that develops children into curious and confident life long learners.

Teaching thematically gives students and teachers the opportunity to explore all of the core academic areas within the given theme, helping the children make connections between the classroom and the world outside.

Core Academic Areas

The following is a sampling of some of the key academic skills your child will develop in one of our outstanding early childhood programs:

Reading and Language Arts

  • Letter recognition
  • Phonetic awareness
  • Vocabulary development
  • Understanding that words are used to create sentences.
  • Building a bank of sight words to develop fluency in reading. 


  • Shape recognition
  • Object classification
  • Number identification
  • Development of number sense
  • Visual and spatial awareness
  • Knowledge of basic units of measurements


  • Following procedures
  • Conducting hands on experiments
  • Making predictions and observations
  • Tracking changes

In addition to these academic areas, each day your child will encounter opportunities to develop their skills in speaking, visual arts, music, as well as development of important social and motor skills.