Our bilingual preschool program is designed for children ages 2-3 and is a bridge between home and school life. Since this is the first schooling experience for most children who enter Kerria, we focus on kindergarten preparation and building the routines, cognitive, motor, and language skills students will need as they enter our more advanced classes. Just as with our older students, each day’s activities are structured around our curriculum’s themes and includes the following.

Circle Time

Our morning lesson focuses on developing routines students will need as well as introducing them to math and science concepts such as counting and observing the weather. Additionally students begin to develop letter and phonics recognition. Often this time includes a thematically appropriate story.

Snack and Lunch Time

This is an important learning time where children have the opportunity to learn proper hygiene, table manners, as well as developing their growing independence.

Park or Physical Activities

Each day students have the chance to run and move their bodies, especially important for this age. Students either participate in Yoga class or, weather permitting, classes explore and play in one of the several local parks and playgrounds near our school.

Arts and Crafts

The importance of art at this age cannot be underestimated. In addition to developing important fine motor skills needed for future success in writing, through art students also develop their visual-spatial awareness as the ability to complete step by step processes.

Music, Songs or Role Play

Thematically appropriate songs and role play experiences expose children to new vocabulary and give them the chance to use their developing language skills.